REPISALUD is the institutional repository of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) and its foundations: the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) and the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO). This repository gathers both scientific and academic production of these institutions in a single, open-access digital archive.

Institutional reports and studies from ISCIII about COVID-19

HAZLO: Plataforma de telesalud basada en tecnologías mhealth para el despliegue de programas personalizados de rehabilitación cardiaca fase II 

Actualmente, los Programas de Rehabilitación Cardiaca, tanto en provisión presencial como domiciliaria, afrontan la necesidad de incrementar sus tasas de adopción y adherencia, y en estos retos, los servicios de telesalud basados en mhealth comienzan a jugar un papel relevante, aunque la evidencia ...

GWAS and meta-analysis identifies 49 genetic variants underlying critical COVID-19 

Critical illness in COVID-19 is an extreme and clinically homogeneous disease phenotype that we have previously shown1 to be highly efficient for discovery of genetic associations2. Despite the advanced stage of illness at presentation, we have shown that host genetics in patients who are criticall...

Visualization of Lipid Droplets in the Alveolar Macrophage Cell Line MH-S with Live-cell Imaging by 3D Holotomographic Microscopy (Nanolive) 

Lipid droplets (LD), triglycerides and sterol esters among them, are well known for their capacity as lipid storage organelles. Recently, they have emerged as critical cytoplasmic structures involved in numerous biological functions. LD storage is generated de novo by the cell and provides an energ...

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